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4m3 Bucket 566KW Hydraulic Crawler Excavator XCMG XE690DK 12200mm Digging

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 unit Price : Negotiable
Packaging Details : nude package Delivery Time : 7 days
Payment Terms : T/T, L/C Supply Ability : 1000 units/month
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: XCMG
Certification: CE/ISO9001 Model Number: XE690DK

Detail Information

Operating Weight: 65800kg Bucket Capacity: 4.0-4.5m3
Rated Speed: 5.4/3.2km/h Warranty: 1 Year, 12 Months
Bucket Digging Forc: 372kN Fuel Tank Capacity: 900L
Power:: 566kW Max Digging Radius:: 12200mm
High Light:

566KW Hydraulic Crawler Excavator


4m3 Bucket Hydraulic Crawler Excavator


12200mm Digging Heavy Equipment Excavator

Product Description

65 Ton XCMG XE690DK Crawler Excavator Power 566KW Powerful and efficient operation

Power system introduction
1. High reliability: Weichai WP17 engine has passed dozens of reliability tests and durability tests. It is more reliable and has better performance;
Sufficient power and fast response to heavy load conditions: 8-cylinder engine, strong power, fast dynamic response, torque details higher than Cummins QSX15 and Isuzu 6WG1;
Good fuel economy: The fuel consumption rate is better than Cummins QSX15; the low fuel consumption area covers the common working speed, leading the Isuzu 6WG1.
2. High reliability: high reliability and low maintenance cost. The service life of the engine is as high as 20000h, and the key parts of the engine are universally used. The market has a large quantity and the maintenance cost is low.
Maintenance is more convenient: split-type dual independent heat dissipation structure design, parallel arrangement, compact space, no mutual interference, and extremely convenient maintenance and inspection;
3. Good adaptability to high temperature environment: the cooling fan is independently driven by a hydraulic variable motor, and the controller monitors various temperature indicators in real time. The hydraulic variable motor can be adjusted in real time according to temperature changes, which can achieve continuous work in a high temperature environment of 50°C and drive on demand. The control strategy further reduces the energy consumption of the fan;
4. Good adaptability to dust working conditions: the cooling fan has the function of reverse rotation and dust removal, and the maintenance of the radiator is convenient and fast; the DC parallel double air filter, the adaptability of the mine high dust and high temperature environment is stronger, the life is longer, and the filtering effect is better excellent.
Long warranty: The warranty period of WP17 engine is three years or 15000h.
2 Introduction to hydraulic system
Fast response and good control: positive flow electric control hydraulic system; fast response speed, low pressure loss, energy saving and high efficiency;
High working efficiency: XCMG customized 280cc large-displacement dedicated main pump + large-diameter dedicated main valve, industry-leading ultra-high pressure hydraulic system, system pressure increased from 34.3 to 36, higher work efficiency;
Heavy load swing power: 180 specifications large torque double swing motor, output torque up to 252KN.m, 20% higher than similar models in the market, large torque, good swing start and parking performance, and safe operation on load;
Climbing is more powerful: 340cc large displacement walking motor, matching high-power density reducer, has strong traction and excellent passing ability.
3 Introduction of working devices and attachments
Good working condition adaptability: standard 6.8m long boom + 2.9m stick, which fully meets the needs of mining users for comprehensive working conditions of excavation/loading.
More suitable for high-intensity operations: the design technology and concept of the 70-ton excavator working device are used, and the boom arm adopts a widened box section, and the ability to withstand normal and eccentric loads is effectively strengthened; the finite element analysis method is used to combine Big data stress collection and thousands of working condition simulations further reduce the risk of cracking of working devices.
It can be equipped with 3.8m³ rock bucket and 4.0m³ reinforced bucket to precisely match the rock excavation and material loading conditions.
Bucket shape optimization: the arc-plate double-arc streamlined design reduces the friction resistance of excavation and makes excavation and unloading easier;
Protective structure: Full protection structure is adopted inside and outside the side plate and arc plate, and the front end of the main blade plate adopts a widened lip, which effectively improves the service life of the bucket;
Increased cross-section: The cross-section of the support structure of the bucket dumpling point is enlarged and strengthened, which effectively reduces the risk of cracking;
Special bucket teeth: The tooth profile is optimized especially for mining construction conditions. Flat teeth and pointed teeth can be provided for customers to choose.
Low oil return pressure: the switching time of piston and valve movement is more coordinated, and the oil return pressure is low, which effectively protects the radiator of the excavator;
Strike does not rebound: The impact energy of the piston is transmitted to the drill rod to the greatest extent, the return stroke of the piston is smoother, and the blow does not rebound, thereby effectively reducing the damage to the structural parts caused by the crushing operation;
Smooth beat rhythm: The coordinated matching of the piston and valve system makes the breaker system run more smoothly and the beat rhythm is more stable, thereby effectively improving the working efficiency of the hydraulic hammer;
High impact efficiency: By increasing the mass of the piston, optimizing the mass distribution, increasing the impact speed of the piston, increasing the kinetic energy of the piston operation, optimizing the matching of the piston and the valve system, so that the piston hits the drill rod at the maximum impact speed, ensuring the piston The maximum transmission and complete release of kinetic energy, finally, the XEB215 strike efficiency is increased by 5%-10% compared with the 210-type breaker on the market.
Large load-bearing lower frame: Enhanced X frame, enlarged box section and internal rib plate thickness, better strength and torsion resistance, integrated forged rotary seat ring, higher strength.
Mine heavy-duty crawler: standard full crawler protection board and 600mm double-reinforced crawler shoe, with enlarged and thickened tooth root design, which has super grip performance and is more wear-resistant;
Reinforced rollers: 9 rollers on one side, the shaft diameter and wheel body are thickened and enlarged to meet the load requirements of harsh working conditions.
More convenient transportation: Assembled chassis, adjustable width (3300/2830mm), meets the requirements of road transportation regulations and is convenient for transportation.

3 Introduction to the operating environment
Fully guard the cab-more comprehensive protection
A full set of protective net configuration, higher safety and reliability;
The front window wiper adopts upper and lower blades to clean the area larger and more efficient;
The front and right sunshades, and the top sunshade design, block the sun in all directions;
With a larger field of view, the operation process is safer.
The new FOPS cab is safer, with reasonable cab layout, optimized floor mat design, better dust and noise reduction effect, and higher comfort;
Imported silicone oil shock absorbers are used at the bottom of the cab to effectively isolate vibration, reduce driver fatigue, and protect physical and mental health.
Humanized interior layout-more comfortable operation
8-inch touch screen instrument, integrated menu display, delicate screen, more friendly interface;
One-key start switch; convenient, fast, efficient, and more comfortable driving experience;
Highly integrated switch panel, the control switches in the cab are integrated on the switch panel, the control switches are within easy reach;
4 Introduction to maintenance convenience
The foot pedal is added to the left side of the cab, and the maintenance of the main pump, the rotary oil drain filter element and the air filter is more convenient.
The front and rear doors of the engine shed are opened on both sides, and pedals are added on both sides to facilitate all-round maintenance of the engine.
XCMG large-tonnage excavators inherit military quality and lead in efficiency, and have been well received by customers. As XCMG's flagship product developed and upgraded for large-scale earth and stone works, XE690DK will surely become another construction artifact to help customers achieve value enhancement.

XCMG XE690DK Crawler ExcavatorTechnical Parameters

Operating weight 65800KG
Engine rated power 566KW/2100rpm
Maximum torque 3000N.M/1200-1500rpm
bucket 3.8m3-4.5m3
Chassis wheelbase 4566mm
Bucket digging force 372KN
main traction force 463KN
Maximum digging depth 6900mm
Maximum digging height 12200mmXCMG XE690DK Crawler Excavator picture

4m3 Bucket 566KW Hydraulic Crawler Excavator XCMG XE690DK 12200mm Digging 04m3 Bucket 566KW Hydraulic Crawler Excavator XCMG XE690DK 12200mm Digging 14m3 Bucket 566KW Hydraulic Crawler Excavator XCMG XE690DK 12200mm Digging 24m3 Bucket 566KW Hydraulic Crawler Excavator XCMG XE690DK 12200mm Digging 3

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